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110 Streatham Hill

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What's freehold?

Freehold is one of two ways of owning land (the other is a leasehold).

Freehold continues for an indefinite time without payment of rent. It can be sold or given away and is the type of ownership that is nearest to owning land absolutely.

Most houses are freehold, and most flats are leasehold.

If you want to know who owns a flat, you probably need the leasehold title instead.


What's leasehold?

Leasehold is one of two ways of owning land (the other is a freehold). A leasehold is granted by a landlord to a tenant.

A leasehold lasts for a fixed time which will be set out in the lease. The tenant often has to pay rent to the landlord and this is also set out in the lease.

Most flats are leasehold.